The first article is called tips on teaching people with autism. I didn't write it, but it has been a great help over the years to give to teachers and other people who don't understand what autism is, or know how to deal with people with autism. Autism doesn't mean you're stupid (people like Einstein and even Bill Gates are thought to have it), but it does mean you see the world differently, and mostly don't understand all of the social customs everyone else seems to think are soooooo important.

I have autism, but I've never let it slow me down! It just means I relate to the world in my own way. It even means I invent my own ways of doing things. For instance, I taught myself to type, but I don't type the way other people do, using "home keys" and using certain fingers for certain letters. I type with all my fingers, but my hands float over the keyboard when I type, and whatever finger is closest to the next key I want, is the finger I use. Watching me type freaks out people who learned the normal way: it seems too complex for them, almost scary. But I type very fast with almost no errors. That's an example of the way people with autism go about doing things - we just ignore the custom and find our own way to do it. That's good!

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