Scary Story

by Isaiah Koch 

AWhat was that?@ screamed the doctor as he shined the light in David=s mouth.

He looked again and saw two beady eyes staring at him from behind David=s teeth. He was so frightened he had to turn away. There seemed to be a little animal living inside David=s mouth. 

The doctor turned back to look again, and this time he saw dozens of beady eyes inside David=s mouth. He screamed, AAhhhhhhh!@ As he screamed, several furry little monsters jumped out of David=s mouth and into the doctor=s. 

The doctor ran from the room and outside into the night, screaming. Every time he screamed, people on the street saw the beady little eyes in the doctor=s mouth, and they screamed too. As they screamed, furry little monsters jumped out of the doctor=s mouth and into their mouths... and the screams echoed into the night.