A power Rangers story by Isaiah Koch

One day the command center blew up.

So they used a place called the Power Chamber in place of the command center. Billy and the others didn't know this, but when the command center blew up, he received a extremely high dosage of negative particles.

Later, the Triforians needed the Gold power transfered into someone and they chose Billy. Then Billy had run a scan on himself in the Power Chamber to find out that he had received negative particles that resisted the Gold power.

Later, he told the others about what happened and said to the them,"It's like when you put two magnets against each other." So they decided to transfer the Golden power into Jason.

This made King Mondo mad, but he had decided to create a monster called Scarlet Scrambler. He explained to the others that this monster could infuse negative particles into anyone so he decided to use it on Jason so he would be powerless.

The alarm rang and Zordon said, "This monster is called Scarlet Scrambler. He is able to infuse negative particles into anyone and he will plan to infuse them into Jason so he will be powerless."

Billy and Alpha decided to work on a device that would change the particles that Billy received in case Billy needed the Gold power infused from Jason into him.

Meanwhile, the other rangers where fighting Scarlet Scrambler and he had hit Jason and infused the particles into him.

The device that Billy and Alpha had created was needed so Jason teleported to the Power Chamber and the device they had needed was used.

So Billy morphed. "Gold Ranger Power!" Billy said and he became the Gold Ranger. The monster tried to aim the particles at Billy, but he missed.

The other rangers did their Zeo Power Kicks. "Time to make him grow," said Klank. Orbus, the bad guys' helper had made him grow.

"We need Zeozord power...now all 5 of the Rangers shouted. "Pyramidas Power, said the Gold Ranger.

When the monster was just about destroyed, Billy decided to finish it off with Pyramidas.

Later, at the Power Chamber Billy said, "I'm sorry, Jason I didn't intend for you to lose the Gold power. "Don't worry, Billy. I know it's in good hands with you."