Spooky Story
by Isaiah Koch

The day was not a school day so Jack went into town for fun. In the small town of Joperk, Maine, he heard two townspeople talking about an old abandoned house. Jack's blue eyes lit up when he heard all the spooky stuff about this house. He got really excited about this and decided to go there the next day after school. 

As soon as school was out the next day he jumped on his bike and peddled down the long road out side of town. On his way there he saw a old man walking the opposite way Jack was riding. Jack decided to ask him more about the house. 

"The house is very creepy and the road that leads there is really dangerous," the man answered. "It has lots of cracks in it.

About halfway there is a wobbly bridge. There are also snowstorms more than half the time on this road." After the man told him this, he disappeared. 

"Hey, where'd he go?" Jack asked himself. 

After a minute Jack decided to forget about what had happened to the man and continued on to the house.  What the man had told him about the house made him a little nervous, but he was a person who took risks so he went anyway. 

After he had ridden for a while, it started to snow a little bit. "This might be one of the snowstorms starting that the man had told me about, but I think I should just continue on to the house anyway," Jack thought. There were some clouds forming and that made it keep getting darker and darker. "Oh man!" Jack said. "I bet the snowstorm is going to be a really heavy one!" He thought he heard a wolf howling in the distance. He looked around but he didn't see anything. 

About 10 miles later he found the bridge the man had told him about.  As he rode across the bridge, it was snowing harder and getting darker. The bridge was wobbly. Suddenly he noticed that some of the pieces of the boards he was riding on were falling away. As he looked down Jack saw the river below. This made Jack nervous so he hurried across the bridge. "Man, I just barely made it," he said. 

A few more miles later he found the house. It was a large, spooky house with cracked windows and peeled paint. The house had a long a driveway. It was hard for him to ride up the driveway because it was covered with snow. The bicycle was sliding around as he tried to get up the driveway. He had a hard time, but he made it. He parked his bike on the front porch and went inside the house. 

Inside was torn wallpaper and cobwebs all around the house. He went upstairs to the fifth floor. On the way there he found some pictures of old, scary-looking people. Soon he found an attic on the fifth floor. He found a lot of piled up boxes. He He looked in one of them and found a magic spell book. He picked up the spell book and went downstairs with it. There he saw a cat with eerie red eyes. The cat grew very large and slowly transformed into a witch. The witch tried to take the spell book from him but he grabbed it from her. Then he ran out of the house with it. Once he got outside, he put the spell book in his backpack and rode back to Joperk. 

Once he got back to Joperk, it had gotten late in the day so he went home. He hid his spell book in his closet and called up his friends Dave and Mike. He told them to meet him at the library the next day after school. 

At the library Jack showed his friends the spell book. Where did you find the book?" Mike asked. "I found it at this abandoned house yesterday," Jack replied. 

"Cool!" Mike said. Mike was 15 years old. He was a smart, easy-going person and he was Jack's best friend. 

"Yeah," Jack replied, "but I think we should all go to the abandoned house. There was a witch there and I think we should use the spell book to destroy her. She could be dangerous. 

"Are you sure nothing dangerous will happen to us?" asked Dave. Dave was a 12 1/2 year old kid. He wore glasses and he wore braces. He needed to use an inhaler a lot. He also had to be talked into a lot of things by Jack. 

Jack and his friends continued looking through the spell book. All of a sudden a librarian came up to the kids. 

"What are you doing with the spell book?!" the librarian demanded. 

Jack turned around and noticed that the librarian had eerie red eyes. "I found it, so what business is it of yours?" Jack replied. That was all he said, and he left the library with his friends. 

He then took his friends with him to his house. They all went up to his room and discussed how the librarian had the same eerie red eyes as the witch at the house did. 

"When I was at the house I grabbed a spell book from a box on the fifth floor of the house," Jack said. "When I was about to leave with it, a cat with eerie red eyes stopped me. It slowly transformed into a witch. This makes me think that the librarian is actually the witch." 

"What makes you say that?" Mike asked. 

"Well the librarian sort of tried to grab the book from me like the witch at the house did," Jack replied. 

"Well you're probably right," Mike replied. "I think we should go over there and destroy the witch." 

"Are you sure nothing dangerous will happen to us?" Dave asked. 

"Aw, come on!" Jack replied. "I was brave enough to go there. Besides we need to destroy the witch." 

So they all got their bikes and rode out of town. 

The old man that Jack had saw when he went to the house alone stopped Jack and his friends. He walked up to Jack and asked him, "Why are you going back to the house after all the dangerous stuff that could have happened to you last time?'' 

"I'm only going back there to destroy the witch," Jack answered. "She might be able to do some dangerous stuff to us with the spell book." 

"I'd be careful," the man said. The witch CAN do some dangerous things to you with or without the spell book. 

After that Jack and his friends continued on to the house. Later some dark clouds started forming and it started to snow a little bit. 

By the time they had gotten near the driveway it was really snowing hard. All they could see was white stuff. 

"Oh man!" Dave said. "Now how do we get to the house?" 

"Don't worry," Jack replied. "Even though we can't see anything I think still know how to make it the rest of the way." 

Jack was able to lead them up to the porch but he was having trouble seeing where he was going. They climbed the stairs and opened the door. 

Jack was expecting to see the witch but he didn't see anything. 

"Well, the witch isn't here so we might as well leave," Dave said. 

"Come on, we just got here," Jack replied. 

They searched the whole house but didn't find anything. 

 Just as they were about to leave they found the cat with eerie red eyes. It slowly transformed into a witch. 

"We better look for a spell to destroy the witch," Mike suggested. 

Jack opened his backpack and took out the spell book. Quickly he started looking through the pages. He didn't find any of the right spells. 

"Hurry!" Dave shouted. 

Jack managed to find the right spell just in time. He said the spell and the witch disappeared. 

Mike looked at the spell book and noticed that it was one hundred years overdue to the library. 

They went to the libraray the next day and placed it on the circulation desk. "Thank you!" said the librarian, who looked just exactly like the witch, "I've been waiting for this!"