A Power Rangers story by Isaiah Koch

One day, Master Vile was trying to figure out a way to turn Tommy, Adam, Kat, Billy, Aiesha, and Rocky into kids so they would be powerless. He contacted Rita and told her about this problem. Rita said, "How about Lokar? He is an ancient, evil magician that I called upon for assistance once. Look, I can call upon him with my magic..."

Lokar's face floated in the sky; that was one of the things about him. He was extremely powerful, and he and Master Vile soon met. After a short while, Lokar and Master Vile's combined power had created a spell, which reduced the Rangers' ages.

"Oh, no!" said Adam. "Our powers are probably gone."

Billy decided to use the Rad Bug, a car he had invented. The Rad Bug was a flying car. With the car it only took them 2 minutes to get to the Command Center. A short time after getting to there, the monster alarm rang.

"This monster is called Scorpina," said Zordon.

"Who's Scorpina?" Kat asked.

"Man she's trouble," Tommy anwsered, "And she has a nasty sting. Sometimes the sting is able to go through our ranger suits."

"Scorpina is now able to make herself invisible as well as sting," Zordon said.

"Someone has to do something,"Billy said.

"That's up to you Rangers said Zordon.

"But we're only kids said Adam, "and we've probably we've lost our powers."

"What are we going to do?" asked Kat.

"Zordon, are we still able to morph?" Tommy asked.

"Yes,"anwsered Zordon. "You will have your full-sized powers and will be able to morph. But this will last for only 15 minutes."

Tommy replied, "That's probably all the time we're going to need."


"Zordon," said Rocky, "what if our time as Rangers runs out and we lose our powers before we destroy the monster?"

"Don't worry."Zordon anwsered. "If that happens you will lose the powers that you have when you're morphed, but you will still be able to contact us."

"It's morphin' time!" said Tommy.

"White Ranger Power," shouted Tommy.

"Black Ranger Power," shouted Adam.

"Pink Ranger Power," shouted Kat.

"Blue Ranger Power,"shouted Billy.

"Yellow Ranger Power," shouted Aiesha.

"Red Ranger Power," shouted Rocky.

Looking down at Earth, Rita said, "This is just great! Those Rangers are still able to morph!"

Don't worry," said Zedd. "We'll send down the Tengas." After the Rangers had fought the Tengas, Lord Zedd and Rita decided to send down the Scorpina.

"Are you guys ready for this?" Tommy asked.

"Yeah!" they all shouted together.

"We should hurry though," said Aiesha. "Our Ranger time is running out."

"You have no chance of beating me!" Scorpina said to the Rangers.

"We'll see about that," said Tommy as he pulled out Saba, his sword, to attack her, but Scorpina had made herself invisible before Tommy could attack her. All the Rangers went after the monster using their weapons, but she kept making herself invisible before they could get a chance to attack her.

"Zordon," said Billy, "Scorpina keeps making herself invisible before we can attack her."

Zordon replied, "I am sending you a device that will make her unable to make herself invisible." Alpha teleported the device to the Rangers. So they used the device when the Scorpina was about to disappear, and they all attacked the monster.

When Lord Zedd and Rita saw that Scorpina had fallen, Zedd raised his staff, and Rita held her magic wand up. "Make her grow!" said Zedd and Rita. Scorpina grew bigger and bigger.

After that they decided to call on their Shogun Zords. Not long after the Rangers were inside their Zords, their time as Rangers ran out.

"Oh, man," said Adam, our Ranger time has run out!"

Tommy decided to contact Zordon. "What are we going to do we do now?" he asked him. "Our ranger time has run out and Scorpina has grown."

"You can still destroy her," said Zordon, "because your Zords still have their power." "One more thing," said Zordon, "Since Scorpina has grown, "she has gotten her invisibilty power back."

"I have an idea," said Billy. "If we connected the device onto the Shogun Megazord, maybe we can use it as a device for to see Scorpina, or any other monsters that Zedd and Rita might create to be invisible."

So they called on the power of the Shogun Megazord and used the device on Scorpina. Then they attacked the monster, and when it was just about finished, they destroyed it with the sword that the Shogun Megazord had.

Later, at the Command Center, Kat asked Zordon how they would regain their age. Zordon told her that he had created a device to take care of that problem and he gave them the device. So they used it and they were all their origanal age again.