Isaiah James Koch

This site is still under construction, but there are a couple of things working already.

This is what I look like at the bowling alley. I love bowling, belong to the ABC, and bowl on two leagues most of the year. I practice 5 days a week and bowl 50-70 games a week. I'm getting pretty good.

Here's a link to a petition I started to get Nintendo to feature more of the Koopa Kids. Click here to view or sign it.

Here are some SSBM screen shots, if you like the game, from various stages of progress. Click here. I've also got a nice picture of Peach from SSBM at FINAL DESTINATION. Click here.


This picture below was for high school graduation, and also my dog, wearing my tie:.

If you'd like to read things I've written over the years (some many years ago), click here.

Anything else you'd like to see on this site? Write me at:

You'll have to type it in to your email program. That's a .gif file so I don't get even more spam (Stupid Pointless Annoying Mail) than I do now. Or IM me on AOL. By the way, KOCH is pronounced "coke."


Here's a pic of Homer.